[Samba] 2 servers

Joachim Schwendtner schwendtner at neuhofen.at
Mon Sep 6 15:58:26 GMT 2004


I am newbie in configuring samba and I have special question:

in our school we have one server (debian woody) which hosts the mail 
server (exim) - this server can be reached from the internet.
the second server (debian woody fileserver) is not reachable from the 
internet. this server hosts the home directories of our users (samba).
the user-directories and the mail-adresses have the same structures:

mail: prenome.surname at hsbadhall.at
home: /home/prenome.surname
and there should only be ONE password!

when I add oder delete users I use webmin on the mailserver. is it 
possible, to share the passwd file, that I have only ONE user database 
for mailserver ( AND fileserver (


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