[Samba] 'point-and-print' general questions

Chris McKeever techjedi at gmail.com
Mon Sep 6 15:23:04 GMT 2004

Jerry and Sandeep - thank you for you thorough answers, I have 
followed up inline below ....

thank you

On Mon, 06 Sep 2004 06:32:37 -0500, Gerald (Jerry) Carter
<jerry at samba.org> wrote:
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> Chris McKeever wrote:
> | I have gotten 'point-and-print' working, but there are
> | a couple small issues/questions I am trying to get my
> | grasp around:
> |
> | - rpcclient print-1201 -U root%secret -c 'enumdrivers'
> |   this lists the drivers twice
> Twice?  or once for 'Windows 4.0' and once for "Windows NT x86'?

Actually Twice:

[Windows NT x86]
Printer Driver Info 1:
        Driver Name: [TOSHIBA e-STUDIO810 srs-PS3UC]

[Windows NT x86]
Printer Driver Info 1:
        Driver Name: [TOSHIBA e-STUDIO810 srs-PS3UC]

This was mentioned in one other archive post:

> | - When adding drivers via the Windows APW, after
> | uploading the drivers and the APW closing - are you
> | supposed to CANCEL out of the printers property window?  If
> | not, the printer on the server get renamed with how the driver
> | wants to name it
> The Windows client is renaming the printer.  You can just
> rename it again.

makes sense

> | - When the above happens, I have only found the
> | ability to delete the printer from windows, I have'n't found
> | a rpcclient (or similar) to delete the printer
> | (ie addprinter opposite)
> There's not one currently i don't think.

I also realized that the cause of this new printer was a side-effect
of the renaming above, and after setting it back - everything is fine
- it didnt actually 'ADD' anything

> | - Lastly, what happens _if_ two separate print
> | drivers have a same file name?  Everything gets tucked
> | into the same directory??
> The is a problem in the Windows printing design.  Yes
> there could be naming collisions, but most responsible
> driver writers manage their namespace to avoid this.

those pikers!! 

>>I am testing this with Windows 2000 - and noticed something rather
>.>installing the printer for two different accounts, if I go int oone and
edit the
>.>preferences using an account with PRINT ADMIN priviledges, it actually
updates the
>.defaults on the other users preferences

> Changes made to the printing defaults (Advanced Tab) will be reflected
> on the other machines where the drivers have been downloaded. Changes
> made to the printing preferences will be local to that machine only.

if I understand correctly - which is also what I see happen - is that
when the changes are made to the ADVANCED TAB - it gets reflected even
on those machines that have previosuly downloaded and installed off
the server ---
The only reason I ask for clairifaction is that it seems
semi-contradictory to the HOWTO 'If you want all clients to have the
same defaults, you need to conduct these steps as 'printer admin'
before a client downloads the driver' --

> The settings stored on the Samba server will be reflected in
> NT\CurrentVersion\Print\Providers\LanMan Print Services\Servers"

> This is what you see when you invoke the Advanced properties.

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