[Samba] 'point-and-print' general questions

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon Sep 6 11:32:37 GMT 2004

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Chris McKeever wrote:
| I have gotten 'point-and-print' working, but there are
| a couple small issues/questions I am trying to get my
| grasp around:
| - rpcclient print-1201 -U root%secret -c 'enumdrivers'
|   this lists the drivers twice

Twice?  or once for 'Windows 4.0' and once for "Windows NT x86'?

| - When adding drivers via the Windows APW, after
| uploading the drivers and the APW closing - are you
| supposed to CANCEL out of the printers property window?  If
| not, the printer on the server get renamed with how the driver
| wants to name it

The Windows client is renaming the printer.  You can just
rename it again.

| - When the above happens, I have only found the
| ability to delete the printer from windows, I have'n't found
| a rpcclient (or similar) to delete the printer
| (ie addprinter opposite)

There's not one currently i don't think.

| - Lastly, what happens _if_ two separate print
| drivers have a same file name?  Everything gets tucked
| into the same directory??

The is a problem in the Windows printing design.  Yes
there could be naming collisions, but most responsible
driver writers manage their namespace to avoid this.

cheer,s jerry
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