[Samba] Newbie question on AD permissions

Shiraaz Singh shiraaz at aptronics.co.za
Fri Sep 3 13:20:23 GMT 2004


Ok so I have samba setup and started and I have successfully joined the
AD domain and can see the Linux server in
Microsoft Active Directory Users and Groups applet.

I can also log on and browse a server from the lnux server using:

"kinit administrator at LAB.COM "  - where LAB.COM is the AD Domain and the
doing a
"smbclient //W2KSVR/c\$ -k"  - where W2KSVR is the W2003 server

So all that is fine !!! I Hope !!!!...

So now how do I go about giving users from Active Directory permissions
to the shares on the linux server ? I try from
Windows by right clicking on the linux folder and going to the security
tab but can only choose users from the linux server.I cannot select to
add users from the AD ?

The linux server by the way is SLES 9.1 with Samba 3.0.2a

Apologies if this question is obvious to everyone but I am a newcommer.


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