[Samba] Re: WinXP vs Samba: domain controller could not be contacted

Martin Wartens martin.wartens at my-mail.ch
Fri Oct 29 15:32:35 GMT 2004

Finally I found out that I had to add the samba server's IP address to the wins 
entry in the network configuration and reboot afterwards. I also switched 
on "enable netbios over TCP/IP". The Norton Internet Security firewall can also 
cause this "domain could not be contacted" error, how I found out independently 
from the above problem. 
Later I stumbled in another problem: When I tried to join the domain I got the 
error message "user does not exist". I found out that the "add user script" 
doesn't add machines anymore and is now called "add machine script". Again this 
error left no trace in the logs. Why are there logs if they don't log anything? 
Setting up XP with Samba was a real nightmare. Why isn't there some useful 
documentation that shows which settings really need to be made in Windows XP? 
Why aren't there useful error messages?
So long, Martin

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