[Samba] Re: WinXP vs Samba: domain controller could not be contacted

Roelof Pos samba at rpos.nl
Tue Oct 26 22:43:11 GMT 2004

Martin Wartens schreef:

> I guess this a problem with netbios/wins, but I am out of ideas. What could it 
> be? I have found the same question lots of times on google, but never any 
> solutions. Help please!
>    Martin
How about your name resolution. Can you resolve the netbios name of the 
samba server? Try ping netbiosname.
Can you resolve the FQDN. Try ping hostname.domain (like www.google.com).
If you can't resolve, try adding the host to lmhost file 
(system32\drivers\etc\lmhost) and then nbtstat -R .
If you can resolve, did you actually join the domain? Are you on the 
same subnet. Is your firewall blocking (maybe xp sp2 firewall active).

Look in your nmbd.log file for entries that state that your machine is a 
doamin master browser and a local master browser (if you have 1 pdc, no 

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