[Samba] Sage and oplocks

. listrcv at condor-werke.com
Wed Oct 27 08:25:15 GMT 2004

terry at bluelight.org.uk schrieb:
> Hello im running sage line50 version 11 on a freebsd machine with samba
> version 2x
> My smb.conf for share looks like this
> [sage]
>    path = /40gb/sage
>    writeable = yes
>    browseable = no
>    create mask = 0777
>    directory mask = 0777
>    veto oplock files = /*.mdb/*.MDB/*.ldb/*.LDB
>    locking = yes
>    share modes = yes
> The problem is when two users for example try and update customer records
> one of them will get a message saying the file has been locked and a count
> down appears trouble is the count down goes into a loop and both users get
> stuck

This is called ´deadlock´ with Classic Line 100 and can happen even when 
the Sage control module running on the server is supposed to avoid it.

Do you have some kind of control module running? For what I´ve been told 
on the CL100, the data files could even be placed on a SAMBA server, 
with the control module still running on our Netware server --- if the 
Netwere server only were able to deal with TCP/IP and such, it´s still 3.2.

But access to the data files would have to be maintained by the control 
module to avoid situations like you describe. I can only tell for CL100, 

Maybe it helps to disable oplocks completely. Has the CL50 some control 
module at all? I´m curious about your setup; having the data files on a 
SAMBA server and running the control module on another server might 
eventually be an option for us to consider ...


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