[Samba] W2K connectivity to Samba server (repeat)

Curtis Vaughan curtis at npc-usa.com
Tue Oct 26 19:44:55 GMT 2004

I would really appreciate any insights someone might have to this issue.

> Anyone have any ideas about the following problem.
> We have a W2K Advanced Server as a PDC in a domain: WINDOMAIN
> And we have a Samba 2.x server as the PDC (through LDAP & PAM) of 
> another domain: LINUXDOMAIN
> Any computer in WINDOMAIN can access shares on any computer (Linux, 
> Windows, etc.) in LINUXDOMAIN (provided the appropriate credentials 
> are used for LINUXDOMAIN) except the W2K PDC. No matter what, it 
> cannot access any shares in LINUXDOMAIN. It just keeps reasking for 
> the login and password, saying that the previous login/password 
> attempt was: "Incorrect password or unknown user name for:"
> NB: We also have an NT4 domain: NT4DOMAIN, which the W2K PDC accesses 
> just fine.
> Of course, I use the convention LINUXDOMAIN\username for logging in.
> Any input would be most appreciated.
> Thanks!

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