[Samba] Modify not delete

Charles A. Bodley bodley at intellitree.com
Mon Oct 25 19:26:11 GMT 2004

I have seen this question asked and answered many times in a google search
but the answers do not always match. I need to configure samba to be able
to write but not delete, and to be able to modify and add directories. One
person said use file mask of 777 and directory mask of 755. But with this
setting they could not add directories. Anouther person said just compile
with acl. Is there an easy way to do this or must I recompile with acl
settings, and if so how. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Using samba
2.2.5. Basically it's just to protect against idiots who delete a file or
folder by accident. I realize they could just write empty files with same
name but not worried about that. They need to update files and create
files but no delete. Please help.

Charles Bodley

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