[Samba] Re: msdfs root in [homes] do not work in XP

Igor Belyi sambauser at katehok.ac93.org
Sat Oct 23 04:51:32 GMT 2004

Any error messages in smbd log?


F. Latorre wrote:
> Hi
> We setup a samba server (3.02a ) under Debian, acting as PDC.
> Clients are w98 S.E. and XP sp1.
> Server name is box-p
> In smb.conf we configure:
> [clouds]
> ...
> [homes]
> ...
> msdfs root = yes
> We create dfs links in home directory of users : ln -s 
> msdfs:box-p\\clouds shared
> When users log into PDC using an win98 machine they find "shared" in his 
> home, and can access it.
> When users log into PDC using an win XP pro they find "shared" in his 
> home, but can't access it: the resource is inaccesible or doesn't exists.
> We tried to move the dfs to other share, acting as dfs root, and create 
> mdfsd links there. Then any machine can see "share" and have access to 
> its contents.
> We need the first configuration, because we can create differents links 
> for any user. (there are many shares, and we don't want show all for any 
> user)
> ¿Any idea?
> F. Latorre
> Segovia
> Spain

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