[Samba] Samba setup with Winbind connecting to NT4 PDC - Login isnow Slow...

Eric Murray e.murray at accesscomm.ca
Thu Oct 14 16:23:31 GMT 2004

>-|  PDC - Login isnow Slow...
>-|      winbind enum users = yes
>-|      winbind enum groups = yes
>remove those two...
>Mit freundlichem Gruß,
Couple of more things I found...

I tried removing my Linux Server from the NT domain and readding it as 
per a couple websites.  The linux server shows "Joine Domain XXXX" so 
that looks good.
But on the NT server in the event log I get a Event Id 5722 saying :
- The session setup from the computer XXXXX failed to authenticate.
The name of the account referenced in the security database is XXXXXX$. 
the following error occured.
Access is denied.
- Shortly after that there is another event ID 5723 which is saying that 
there is no TRUST ACCOUNT reference in the database.

I'm confused with the fact that my linux server Joined the domain and is 
not running it's own domain so I don't have to add it to the Trust 
relationships, I tried but of course it said could not find domain 
(Because it isn't one)

Is there a step i'm missing that I should have added a trust account or 
something else to make it work, the shares are seen, everything works 
but my login is slow and that is from a timeout of 10000 miliseconds 
becuase it's trying to resolve something.

Thanks for all your help!

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