[Samba] Re: problem with samba, ldap and windows

Samuele Giovanni Tonon samu at sferacarta.com
Thu Oct 14 09:47:49 GMT 2004

Igor Belyi wrote:
> Different people have different reason for this failure but in your case 
> you need to remember that besides finding Administrator Samba need to 
> find machine trust account as well. If it can't find it the same error 
> message "Can't find user" is reported back to Windows.
> Check that machine account was successfully created during joining of 
> the Domain, that flag marks it as a Workstation trust account (W), and 
> that you can see this account with 'getent passwd' request.
thanks to your suggestion i realized there weren't, so i managed to make
them available thorugh nsswitch and pam files and now all works.

the reason i didn't add that entries was because i thought there were
to let the linux system use as users, people in LDAP (like Nis do). By 
reading again all the tutorial i realized it was necessary to let the 
system "sync" with the ldap.

> And a minor note, which probably is unrelated to your problem - don't 
> use '-a' option to smbldap-useradd in your 'add user script' since Samba 
> expects this script to create only Posix account.

Many thanks

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