[Samba] Re: problem with samba, ldap and windows

jamrock news_jamrock at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 15 10:50:04 GMT 2004

"Samuele Giovanni Tonon" <samu at sferacarta.com> wrote in message
news:416CFCB2.1020906 at sferacarta.com...
> hi,
> i have read that someone has similar problem to mines, however i didn't
> find how it solved them .
> The problem is this: samba as a PDC for a window domain.
> The authentication is managed with openldap.
> if i try to change the password of any ldap account with smbpassword i
> have no error.
> if i try to access to the shared folder of samba, with windows, it asks
> me for authentication and it all work.
> The only thing i'm not able to do is to manage the windows
> authentication through domain: when i try to join the domain using
> Administrator it says to me "Can't find user" but in samba log i have:

Make sure that the ou=machines exists in LDAP.  It sounds as if Samba is
trying to create the trust account but cannot find something that it needs.

I have gotten this message when using /etc/passwd and /etc/group to store
POSIX information.  This will happen when I have forgotten to create the
group "machines" in the /etc/group file.

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