[Samba] Re: Samba 3.0.7 & adding machines. Wrong primary group.

Michael Liebl diese-email-adresse-wird-nicht-gelesen at der-mic.de
Thu Oct 14 06:04:29 GMT 2004

Am Mittwoch, den 13. Oktober 2004 schrubte Igor Belyi:

>>Using:      Debian/unstable x86 Linux 2.6.5
>>Samba:      Version 3.0.7-Debian
> Interesting case... The request comes from Windows to update machine 
> account with a bunch of new values and in this request RID of the 
> primary group for the account (group_rid) is listed as 513 (0x201).
> If you look at the 'fields_present' in the request you will notice that 
> it requests almost all information to be updated - 09f827fa (this is a 
> bitwise mask of fields to be updated). When I add a computer in my 
> domain I have it only '00c4 fields_present : 01100002'. Note, that on 

How do you add? Details welcome.

> So, I suspect the problem is somewhere on Windows side. I haven't found 
> any Domain Policy requiring all accounts to be in "Domain Users" group 
> which is the only thing which comes to my mind as a probably cause for 
> the problem.

Strange. @home I have WinXP SP1 only, with standard server-manager from
the WinNT4 Resource Kit.

At the customer we have W2K with a unknown server-manager, but same
results @ samba 3.0.7 on RH box.

> I hope somebody having more experience with different Domain/Windows 
> configurations can help in this case.

May I install an old samba 3.0.1 to test that?

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