[Samba] smbfs mount issues

Jason Pirok payrok at gmail.com
Wed Oct 13 18:02:38 GMT 2004

This problem began a couple months ago with my new install of (you
guessed it) XP sp2.  Now, when i mount a share from the xp machine to
my debian box, everyone, including rot, gets a permission denied
trying to ls the dir.

I've read posts about switching to cifs, but that has opened a whole
new can of worms.  I'd just like to see smbfs mount my shares properly
the way they used to.

My version of samba is 3.0.7-1 according to dpkg on debian unstable.  
the mount command is

mount -t smbfs -o
//host/share /path/to/mount/dir

I've done lots of look ups on google regarding many combinations of xp
smbfs and the problems encountered to no avail.  I'm at wits end and
don't know what else to do.



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