[Samba] Looking for large-ish deployment advice

Krystian Filiks filiks at telesonique.com
Wed Oct 13 17:08:59 GMT 2004

What I mean is that the home dir is on a NFS share on whatewer server you
have in mind in the apropriate building and then use NIS to lookup what
server holds the share for this user.

This means in anyway that you will have to have a NIS DB with the username
and his home server for the lookup.

Maybe trying to asign different IP to people in different buildings and
using that info combined with the vbs script have the apropriate share

This gives you other advantages like lets say you need to upgrade the
maschine of one user, just put couple of lines in his login script and the
next time he  logson his maschine gets updated, you can even run the login
script as the local administrator if need be by executing the
WSHShell.run("RUNAS /USER:Administrator ...)


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On Wed, 2004-10-13 at 18:30 +0200, Krystian Filiks wrote:
> The only other way that I see to do this is NFS and NIS.

Using NFS would mean that the user data would have to traverse the WAN
anyway, would it not? I presume you mean that the user's home
directories are all NFS mounted on the PDC and shared from there. The
data would then have to move from the member server via nfs, to the PDC,
where it is served out again via samba. For someone in a building away
from the PDC, the situation would actually degrade from where it is now,
and their data would be traversing the slow links twice. Do you have
something else in mind? Am I not understanding the data flow correctly?

> But in any way you will have to store a list of users and associated
> servers.
> So I think that having a logonscript for every user will allow you to
> acheave this in the easyest way, besides it gives you flexibility to map
> drives, change the PC time and other things on a per user basis

Yes, I plan on using logon scripts, but a different one for each user,
when I have approximately 3000 of them seemed excessive, hence my search
for a more manageable method. Perhaps intelligently using some other
piece of user info, group membership or the like. Though, for now, I
agree that individual logon scripts are probably the only way to achieve
this, unless there is some feature in samba that I do not know about.


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