[Samba] kerberos and/or winbind ??

Mark Le Noury markl at bbd.co.za
Wed Oct 13 11:52:24 GMT 2004

I'm getting confused about the role that kerberos authentication plays.
What exactly is the point of using kerberos to join a samba server to an
AD domain?
If using kerberos still requires you to rely on winbindd for all the
nsswitch stuff then what is the point?
I can just as easily specify
                                workgroup = wkgrp
                                security = domain
and do a     
                                net join
Instead of doing
                        realm = wkgrp.krb.realm
                        workgoup = wkgrp
                        security = ADS
and doing
                        net ads join 
Are there performance benefits/better security...what??
 I think that maybe my understanding of the kerberos setup is a bit
thanks for any replies,
Mark Le Noury


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