[Samba] Re: Help Samba. More then 1 virtual samba servers.

Igor Belyi sambauser at katehok.ac93.org
Mon Oct 18 02:44:59 GMT 2004

You can start more than one samba server without a problem if you 
specify explicitly what configuration file each of them use by adding 
'-s <config>' option to smbd and nmbd daemons.

If you need each of those servers to bind to a particular interface add 
'interfaces = <ehx>' and 'bind interfaces only = yes' in a [global] 
section of their config files.


ZHivulin Vitalij Urievich wrote:
> Excuse for troubling.
> But neither in FAQ, nor in the documentation i have not found the answer to the question. How do i start on 1 computer it is more than 1 virtual Samba-servers? It is necessary for me that to everyone virtual VLAN-based interface corresponded a virtual SAMBA-server. 
>                                 It is thankful in advance, Vitaly. 

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