[Samba] Re: Disable roaming profiles per user

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Mon Oct 11 17:07:20 GMT 2004

> We recently set up a mandatory roaming profile for the domain admin in 
> samba and *that* might fit your needs.

I pretty much stopped reading after this point.  Well I read it but knew 
it wasn't going to fit the bill.  These people actually *need* to make 
changes, but they're just not bright enough to figure out that sometimes 
you don't store 10GB in My Documents, or use Thunderbird's Local Folders 
area as file storage for eternity.  Rather than beat them over the head, 
which I've tried, and broke many a clue-by-four, I just want them to go 

For that purpose, they must be just disabled.  I ended up logging them 
in once and then changing their profile type to Local, which solves the 
problem *well enough*.  Since these people are also 'supposed' to be 
technical they should be able to remember that instruction when they set 
up their test boxes and what have you.

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