[Samba] RE: Disable roaming profiles per user

Sam Barasch barasch at biostat.wisc.edu
Mon Oct 11 16:23:30 GMT 2004

Dear Paul,

We recently set up a mandatory roaming profile for the domain admin in 
samba and *that* might fit your needs.

By renaming the NTUSER.DAT file in the root of the user's profile 
directory to NTUSER.MAN, changes made to the local profile after logging 
on from the domain are not copied back up to the 'profiles' folder.

It was necessary for us to do this because sloppy admins were saving 
patches, software, etc. on the desktop of the domain admin account - the 
desktop is copied up to the profiles directory, and when the domain 
admin  logged on to a machine that hadn't been accessed in a while, it 
took a VERY VERY LONG time to copy down the extremely large user 
profile.  Irritating for all of us windows admins.

Anyway, in your case, I'd delete the roaming profiles of the 4 users you 
want to disable roaming profiles for, recreate the profiles - with a 
barebones setup, and then rename NTUSER.DAT to NTUSER.MAN in the 
profiles folders belonging to those users.

Sam Barasch
Computer Systems Support
Dept. of Biostatistics
Universit of Wisconsin - Madison

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