[Samba] Re: Folder disappears after mounting a share

Charles Culver cculver at sussex.tec.nj.us
Sun Oct 10 20:54:05 GMT 2004

I actually used smb4k to browse and mount the share.  It automatically
creates the folder for you with the correct permissions before mounting.
I have also tried using linneighborhood.  That does the exact same

I don't think it is a permissions problem on my machine because almost
all of the machines on the network have shares and can be mounted in
this same manner.

It seems to only be shares on Windows 2003 server machines that this

I don't know what it could be.  I have a 2003 server at home and I can
mount those shares just fine.  It's just at work.  It probably has
something to do with the domain.  I changed that domain policy for
signing to disabled, so that's not it.

Back with Samba 2.28 (I think it was) in the older Mandrake 10.0, this
was working fine.

I upgraded to 10.1 and it didn't work anymore.  I wasn't sure if the
upgrade did something stupid, so I clean installed it.  It didn't make a

I just don't know why mounting a share with Samba would make the
mountpoint folder disappear.

On Sun, 2004-10-10 at 15:15 -0500, "Raúl D. Pittí Palma" wrote:
> did you apply the rigth permissions on the mounting folder ?
> chown username.username /path/to/mounting/point
> can you send your fstab file, or the command used to mount the share?
> hope this helps!
> RP
> Charles Culver wrote:
> > I am having the same problem.  Has anyone found a solution to this yet?
> > 
> > At home on my workgroup style network, this works fine.  At work on my
> > domain style network, I can connect to most of the computers and servers
> > except a few.
> > 
> > When I mount the windows share, the folder I mounted to disappears from
> > Konqueror view.  In a terminal window, the folder is not visible either.
> > It doesn't appear to be hidden because ls -a doesn't show it.  It also
> > doesn't show as root either.
> > 
> > -Charles
> > 
> > 
> > 
> >>Hallo,
> >>
> >>one of my colleagues has a strange problem.
> >>He has to Windows XP boxes, one in a domain, one in a workgroup.
> >>They offer both a share that is read/writable for everyone.
> >>
> >>On a Linux box he trys to mount both shares under /mnt/A and /mnt/B.
> >>The first one works without problems (domain).
> >>When mounting the second one the folder /mnt/B disappears and is not 
> >>accessable anymore.
> >>Even root can't see it anymore.
> >>But it can be unmounted again and gets visible again.
> >>
> >>Does anybody know this problem, knows the reason and/or has a solution?
> >>Thanks in advance.
> >>
> >>-- 
> >>mit freundlichen Grüßen / best regards
> >>
> >>Gerhard Gappmeier <gerhard.gappmeier at xxxxxxxxxxx>
> >>ascolab GmbH - automation systems communication laboratory
> >>http://www.ascolab.com
> > 
> > 

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