[Samba] Re: Folder disappears after mounting a share

Charles Culver cculver at sussex.tec.nj.us
Sun Oct 10 20:02:57 GMT 2004

I am having the same problem.  Has anyone found a solution to this yet?

At home on my workgroup style network, this works fine.  At work on my
domain style network, I can connect to most of the computers and servers
except a few.

When I mount the windows share, the folder I mounted to disappears from
Konqueror view.  In a terminal window, the folder is not visible either.
It doesn't appear to be hidden because ls -a doesn't show it.  It also
doesn't show as root either.


> Hallo,
> one of my colleagues has a strange problem.
> He has to Windows XP boxes, one in a domain, one in a workgroup.
> They offer both a share that is read/writable for everyone.
> On a Linux box he trys to mount both shares under /mnt/A and /mnt/B.
> The first one works without problems (domain).
> When mounting the second one the folder /mnt/B disappears and is not 
> accessable anymore.
> Even root can't see it anymore.
> But it can be unmounted again and gets visible again.
> Does anybody know this problem, knows the reason and/or has a solution?
> Thanks in advance.
> -- 
> mit freundlichen Grüßen / best regards
> Gerhard Gappmeier <gerhard.gappmeier at xxxxxxxxxxx>
> ascolab GmbH - automation systems communication laboratory
> http://www.ascolab.com

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