[Samba] tdb_fetch failed error from windows XP

Hans Then h.then at anyanka.demon.nl
Sun Oct 10 19:27:37 GMT 2004

Hello all,

I have configured a Fedora Core 2 as a print server using samba. I am able to 
print from a Linux samba client. However, when I print from a windows XP Home 
edition printing fails. In the samba log files I see this error message:
- smbd/connection.c:register_message_flags(220)
 	register_message_flags: tdb_fetch failed

I saw in some old posts that I should verify the tdb files, with tdbbackup, 
but these seem to be fine. The problem only appears when printing from XP.

What could be the problem? Suggestions or pointers for further reading are 
also welcome.



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