[Samba] Removing a Point And Print printer

Stanley Tim tim.stanley at kuesters-usa.com
Fri Oct 8 12:47:15 GMT 2004

I have a Samba 3.0.4 server that has several point and print printers which
are functioning just fine.

I have added another printer, an HP BusinessJet 1100d, and attempted to load
the drivers on the Samba server for that printer (for WinNT, Win2K and
WinXP). However, now, when attempting to check the properties of that
printer from a WinXP client (pre SP2) I only get an error and the properties
box will not display. (Error is Function address 0x60649f55 caused a
protection fault.)

I simply removed that printer, and attempted to install it again. But, I
continually get the same error.

I tried removing the driver files associated with that printer via the
PRINT$ share, and loading the drivers again. But, that didn't help.

One thing I noticed, if I check the properties of a working printer, and
view the drivers available on that server, the BusinessJet printer is still
a choice, even though I've removed those files. So, I'm wondering if there
is a file in Linux/Samba that maintains a list of those drivers which I can

Any help on completely removing a PointAndPrint printer would be greatly

Tim Stanley

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