[Samba] Re: Connecting to Samba from an external subnet

Igor Belyi sambauser at katehok.ac93.org
Fri Oct 8 02:26:25 GMT 2004

Gary Green wrote:
> I'm new to samba, but I've been reading a few guides and I think I have 
> it set up somewhat correct.  Connecting to it via linux or windows on 
> the local lan is no problem, as long as the personal firewall settings 
> are allowing it.
> Problem is I still can't get any computer off the LAN to connect to it.  
> At first I thought maybe it was the server's firewall settings, so I 
> pretty much dropped all protection and made it as open as possible:
> Obviously a security risk, but I just wanted to find the problem.  
> Unfortunately this didn't solve the problem.  I didn't see much about 
> what I can set in smb.conf to address external networks.  The only thing 
> I added was "hosts allow = ALL" but again, no luck.
> Is there something specific I need to do to make samba work over the 
> internet?
> Thanks for any help

Does your Samba listen on "off the LAN" interface? Check your 
"interfaces" and "bind interfaces only" parameters in smb.conf


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