[Samba] Passwords -Solved

Donald D Henson wepin at wepin.com
Wed Oct 6 22:21:15 GMT 2004

It seems that when I used SuSE's YaST (gui) to set my Samba parameters, 
the parameter "guest ok" was set to "yes" but it remained as "No" in the 
smb.conf file. (I haven't been able to duplicate it.) Anyway, perhaps 
this can help someone.

Don Henson

Donald D Henson wrote:

> I'm a Samba newbie also so please bear with me.
> I installed Samba 2.x under SuSE 9.0. It worked well for my simple 
> setup (home network with one Linux fileserver, one WindowsXP desktop, 
> and one WindowsXP laptop all connected via a 10/100 ethernet). When I 
> upgraded to SuSE 9.1, I was automatically upgraded to Samba 3.x. This 
> still worked with my original settings but something would go wrong 
> about once every 24 hours or so. (I would have to disable and restart 
> Samba.) When I ran across Samba 3.0.7, I installed it and now things 
> seem to be working except that Samba always asks me for a username and 
> password but I can't figure out which username and password it's 
> asking for. Since this is a home network, I would be quite happy 
> without usernames and passwords but I can't figure out how to do that 
> either. I've read about Samba in the SuSE admin manual, studied a 
> couple of chapters in a Samba online book (that I can't find anymore), 
> and have reviewed the HOW-TOs that come with Samba. For a newbie, 
> these publications are very difficult to understand.
> I just want my Windows clients to be able to access some files on  my 
> Linux box. Any assistance in this direction will be appreciated.

Donald D. Henson, Managing Director
West El Paso Information Network
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