[Samba] "security = user" security setting

Brian Simper bsimper at gmail.com
Wed Oct 6 17:20:30 GMT 2004

Using Samba 3.x, we are looking at the "security" setting.  We want to
get "security = user" to work, preferably with user authentication
independent from local /etc/passwd & shadow.  But we don't want to use
Samba-based authentication due to administrative overhead.

Ideally, we want to tie in with a Windows Active Directory domain
through Kerberos 5 so people can use their AD username & password
(instead of maintaining it separately) and to avoid having to create
many users locally (in /etc/passwd or Samba-based user list) to reduce
administrative overhead.  Any ideas?


bsimper at gmail.com
simper at qwest.net

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