[Samba] Samba + ldap pdc and SUS

rruegner robert at ruegner.org
Wed Oct 6 16:48:51 GMT 2004

Mattia schrieb:
> Hi all,
> I'm here again ith a non-strictly samba related problem, but I hope 
> someone in the list has already faced and perhaps solved it...
> I've got a 60 clients network (most Windows 200 and XP) organized in a 
> domain. The pdc and bdc run on Fedora 2 + samba 3.0.7-2.FC2 + 
> openldap-2.1.29-1, and everything works fine.
> To limit the use of internet bandwidth I installed a Windows 2003 server 
> acting as SUS (Software Update Services) server (for those who don't 
> know it... it's something similar to an internal Windows Update server)
> The problem is I can't configure the clients to point to the new server 
> instead of the official Windows Update servers. If the domain would have 
> been Windows-based I would have done it with a group policy, but I have 
> no possibility to do it with Samba.
> I've tried to remotely modify the registry keys on the clients, but with 
> no success (the change requires also a local policy change, not just a 
> registry key change, and I don't know how to do it remotely).
> Has anyone of you guys ever tried a setup like this?
> Sorry if I'm a little bit OT...
> Thanks!
> Bye... Mattia
you can do this in serveral ways , reg patch, programs,
but the best way is to create a ntconfig.pol
i run this very nice for years
here you get info
about many way to do it

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