[Samba] Trust between two samba

Šopík Bronislav xsopik00 at stud.fit.vutbr.cz
Wed Oct 6 15:43:07 GMT 2004

I have a problem with Samba:
I want to make trust between two Samba domains. I have setup the trust on the
DOMAINB server then on the Samba DOMAINA server  "net rpc
trustdom establish DOMAINB"  I then get the following:
Password:     [entered password]
Could not connect to server SERVERB    [this is the PDC for the DOMAINB domain]
Trust to domain DOMAINB established
When I then try to logon to the DOMAINB domain from XP computers in DOMAINA
domain, I always get a fail with bad password.

Please can someone help me.

Sopik Brona

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