[Samba] Poor linux client performance (comparing to XP)

Holger Krull holger.krull at gmx.de
Wed Oct 6 09:06:53 GMT 2004

Kevin Wheatley schrieb:

>>No changes on the server side. Just use mount -t cifs if you have that
>>in kernel or as module.
> large readwrite = yes
>>From smb.conf man page:
>                This parameter determines whether or not smbd supports
>                the new 64k streaming read and write varient SMB
>                requests introduced with Windows 2000. Note that due to
>                performance by 10% with Windows 2000 clients. Defaults
>                to off. Not as tested as some other Samba code paths.
> May help.

Don't think so, this is a parameter for the server, the smbfs client 
does not use this. And large readwrite = yes became the standard setting 
in recent smbd versions anyway.

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