[Samba] Poor linux client performance (comparing to XP)

Kevin Wheatley hxpro at cinesite.co.uk
Wed Oct 6 08:57:21 GMT 2004

Holger Krull wrote:
> >>>Is there any patch (official/unofficial) available to fix this issue?
> >>
> >>None that i know about. You could try using mount.cifs.
> >
> > Arent there any changes needed for the samba server, just use other mount options?
> No changes on the server side. Just use mount -t cifs if you have that
> in kernel or as module.

large readwrite = yes

>From smb.conf man page:
               This parameter determines whether or not smbd supports
               the new 64k streaming read and write varient SMB
               requests introduced with Windows 2000. Note that due to
               Windows 2000 client redirector bugs this requires Samba
               to be running on a 64-bit capable operating system such
               as IRIX, Solaris or a Linux 2.4 kernel. Can improve
               performance by 10% with Windows 2000 clients. Defaults
               to off. Not as tested as some other Samba code paths.

May help.


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