[Samba] Server not responding after Samba upgrade

David Ferreira dferreira at izanet.com
Mon Oct 4 16:10:09 GMT 2004

Dusan Djordjevic wrote:

>>did you have on your smb.conf any of this parameters?
>>dns proxy
>>wins proxy
>>wins server
>>wins support
>I have plain workgroup. For testing purposes, I have samba on 
>problematic server and only one Win XP client (not SP2). I also use my 
>laptop with linux for testing.
>Logs do not show anything problematic. Everything works fine. When I try 
>to resolve some other machine name from that problematic server, it 
>works. No firewalls or anything similar. Nothing of that settings up 
>there. In browse list, in /var/cache/samba/browse.dat nmbd writes name 
>of workgroup and server itself, but it cannot resolve its own name. 
>winbind is not running, i do not need it in workgroup. 
Have you tried adding  "use sendfile = no" in your smb.conf? have you 
added wins in /etc/nsswitch.conf in section "hosts:"?

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