[Samba] How to access samba without login prompt. !

Carsten Menke menke at netgate-it.de
Tue Nov 30 21:32:21 GMT 2004

Kenneth Chun Wah Yeung [SMILE] wrote:
> Dear Sir,
> Hello, My name is kenneth Yeung. I wonder to know how to configure
> samba or window to access samba folder without login prompt. !
> I am using Wins 2K for client, and Linux server is set samba server. I
> can login to samba using username and password, but I want to do a
> windows backup schedule task without prompt. login window !
> Could you tell me the method to do this task.  Thank you for your
> help.
You could also define a share using

guest ok = Yes
guest only = Yes

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