[Samba] Re: A little help with nss_ldap - User xxx in passdb, but getpwnam() fails!

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at mch.one.pl
Fri Nov 26 18:19:18 GMT 2004

Robert Silvia wrote:
> Tomak,
> I just tested your settings and they seem to be working.
> The auth takes much longer now, maybe because it is working.
> When checking shares the getpwnam does not even get called any more.
> I noticed many SMB_VFS, NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_OBJECT in the log, I guess 
> that let's me know VFS was complied in my binary.
> How is the ldap.conf in the /etc/ directory different then the one found 
> in /etc/openldap/
> When I check the MAN page only /etc/openldap/ldap.conf comes up, I'm 
> curious about the other options I am seeing in the other ldap.conf 
> located in the /etc/ directory.
> Most of the I can make an educated guess as to their function, but it 
> would be nice to have a verified definition of some of these parameters.

Of all howtos etc. I made through, I was only able to setup Samba + LDAP 
using Samba Guide (chapter 6, Making users happy) - it has the smallest 
number of bugs - without correcting them (like %m needed instead of %u), 
running Samba + LDAP would be impossible.

There is explained how to check which ldap.conf your system uses (for 

The rest you could get from openldap.org, I guess.


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