[Samba] Logon Problems with Samba 3.07 after password changes

Martin Rode martin.rode at programmfabrik.de
Fri Nov 26 10:33:38 GMT 2004

Hi guys,

My ealier post did not get answered, so I am trying to rephrase my 
problem (which gets bigger every day).

We have a working Samba PDC installation. Clients authenticate for 
sharing profiles and get a home directory mounted. Very straight forward.

Now, when I change a users password with smbpasswd, that user cannot 
logon to the Samba PDC anymore, but can mount Shares only manually.

So: Whenever I change a password or create a new user, that user is 
blocked from loggin on in our intranet.

The whole thing happens since we have moved servers (new, but same 
Debian testing installation). /etc/samba was copied to the new server.

Please help, adivse, hint!!


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