[Samba] vampire fails because of Debian smbldap-tools problem

tom burkart samba at aussec.com
Wed Nov 24 04:58:27 GMT 2004

Today, Geoff Scott wrote:

> 513 didn't exist.  I did a slapcat and looked for the domain users and the
> gid was like 10001 or something   the reason for this was that I had
> followed chapter 8 of JHT's example book and it doesn't explicitly state in
> that chapter where you follow on from chapter 6.  If you use the smbldap
> tools they set the domain users gid to 513 and the default group of your
> users to the domain users.  So if you follow chapter 8 don't just use the
> preload.ldif and then follow that up with a vampire off the NT server, you
> probably want to use smbldap-populate after you join the domain and before
> you vampire accounts, as it will create the Domain Users group with gid 513,
> the same as is the default for the smbldap scripts.
There is a note in the book (and online) that says that you have to create 
all these yourself in the case that you are using ldap.  Nowhere does it 
make mention of that in the example scripts.  This is how I missed it 
first time around.


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