[Samba] Inplace upgrade from 2.2.12 to 3.0.7/9

Angela Williams angie at eoh.co.za
Wed Nov 24 07:42:53 GMT 2004

Hi All!
A few weeks ago I upgraded one of my customers from 2.2.7a to 2.2.12.
I chose the download and compile option for 2.2.12 so that I had full control 
over what was going on and where the new version would live. This went very 
well until I found missing bits and pieces like smbpasswd etc etc. They live 
in new places on 12! I could quite happily swap between the two versions by 
killing the smbd and nmbd processes for one and restarted them for the other. 
Worked like a wiz! System runs as a PDC as well but now with flaky XP things 
connecting to samba for authentication etc and also wanting more out of samba 
I have decided to upgrade them to 3.0.7 or 9. I downloaded 3.0.7 and compiled 
after making the RH9 change to the config files and have installed it 
in /usr/local/samba3 as the base. I have not linked any of the files yet!
I have followed many of the steps in "Chapter 6. Making Users Happy" of the 
really super Samba Guide on the samba site(s) - well done writers!
Almost ready to test out the ldap server when the thought struck me - what if 
I break this system? Not really a major train smash but still a problem.

So this begs the question, can I swap happily between samba 2 sans ldap and 
samba 3 with ldap? 
Are there files I need to backup other than those in /usr/local/samba where my 
2.2.12 version lives. What about the tdb files in /var/cache/samba?
Any other things I need to do?
Any docs to look at?

Angela Williams				Enterprise Outsourcing
SCO Unix/Linux & Cisco spoken here!	Bedfordview
awilliams at eoh.co.za			Gauteng South Africa

Smile!! Jesus Loves You!!

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