[Samba] bit by 3.0.8 username map affect on homes share

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Nov 23 15:46:42 GMT 2004

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Tom Schaefer wrote:

| With previous versions of Samba \\servername\fred,
| \\servername\homes, and \\servername\fredw where
| all available.
| With the new Samba only \\servername\fred and
| \\servername\homes are created, no fredw.
| A Windows NT client trying to connect to
| \\servername\%username% is out of luck since its
| effectively using \\servername\fredw.
| I have thousands of such clients.

I think you should be able to create a share named

	path =  %H


and get the old behavior.  The new behavior is more consistent
for domain mode security across bother NTLM and kerberos logons.

| I have about 14,000 users and over 2500 of them
| require username mappings in my username map file
| and they all access their home share as
| \\servername\%username%.
| ...
| Thanks to nobody I came up with a solution on my own.
| ...

Sorry we couldn't meet you timetable.

cheers, jerry
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