[Samba] Samba connection problem

mballard at oreillyauto.com mballard at oreillyauto.com
Mon Nov 22 20:43:43 GMT 2004

I am running Samba on an IBM iSeries PowerPC based install of Linux RH EL
3.  I map a Linux Samba share to my XP machine with no problem.  I can
browse folders with no problem, however, when I work with any files, ie,
copy or edit, after a long delay, I get the file with the following
gibberish prepended.

  ÐÿSMB.    ˆÈ             ÿþd µÿ   ÿÿ    •;           •[Tests]

[Tests] is the first part of the file, the rest appears to be part of an
SMB packet.  This fails from W2k, XP and NT.  SMBClient works fine.
Everything else seems to work fine in Samba.
Any ideas?
Thanks, MikeB

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