[Samba] Another try: apps can't see data files until use of Win. Expl.

Steve Snyder swsnyder at insightbb.com
Sat Nov 20 16:14:20 GMT 2004

More info:

With debuglevel=1 I see in the Samba log that the connection to the share 
is not actually made until the browser with Windows Explorer.

That is, the share is shown as being present after WinXP is booted.  It is 
only after expanding the directory tree on the share that I get this in 
the log file:

[2004/11/20 10:13:42, 1] smbd/service.c:make_connection(636)
  venus ( connect to service nancy as user nancy (uid=501, 

So another way to state the problem decribed below is that my Samba share 
is not truly being connected at WinXP boot time.  What can I do to ensure 
that the connection is actually made?

On Saturday 20 November 2004 10:53 am, Steve Snyder wrote:
> [I posted this problem a couple of weeks ago and got no responses.  So
> I'm trying again]
> I have a couple of applications on a WinXP/SP2 system that use data
> files on a Samba (v2.2.12, on Linux) shared drive.  Immediately after
> booting the WinXP system these data files cannot be seen, yet become
> visible when the share is browsed with Windows Explorer.
> These applications are started automatically when the WinXP system is
> booted.  The Samba-exported network drive is also reconnected
> automatically at boot time.
> After the WinXP system is completely booted these data files are still
> not seen by their respective application.  When I open Windows
> Explorer, I see that the share is present.  It is only after I browser
> that share (expand the directory tree with Windows Explorer) that the
> data files are seen.  I am informed by one of my automatically-run
> applications that the expected data files (previously not found) are
> now seen.
> Can some please advise me on how to ensure that all data files on the
> share can be made visible at WinXP boot time?
> Thanks.

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