[Samba] Printer window does not show jobs.

Shailesh P Shirali shailesh at teneoris.com
Tue Nov 16 05:57:22 GMT 2004

Hi ,
     I have a linux Print server having samba-server (ver 2.2.1a)
integrated with the cups spooler daemon.When I fire a print job from a
WinXP machine ,the print job is seen on the Printer window and is in the
'Spooling' state,where the file data is getting transferred to the samba
spool area in the print-server.

     The problem here is this... Once the transfer is done ,the printing
starts but the print job disappears from the Printer-Window on the

Normally the print-job should be in 'Printing' state after the
'Spooling' state from where I should be able to Pause/Restart/Cancel.

Any idea why this is happening and what I can do  

Shailesh P Shirali	
Teneoris Networks

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