[Samba] user does not exist nsswitch/windind error

Collen Blijenberg <MLHJ> systeembeheer at hermanjordan.nl
Tue Nov 16 08:32:57 GMT 2004

Well, in my case, i have samba running
as a server, with auth. to 2 samba pbc/bdc servers

this server uses winbind to resolve usernames and groups.

i get the error:
[ date ] nsswitch/winbind_user.c:winbind_getpwnam(159)
  user 'collen' does not exist.
[ date ] nsswitch/winbind_user.c:winbind_getpwnam(159)
  user 'COLLEN' does not exist.

and the user in question can not acces the shares.
also, in the username, i miss the domain, coz other users who can
acces the share, have the domain and username in the smb.log file

it all started when i upgraded the pdb/bdc and fileserver to samba
shares and files on the pdc are going well, no prob's there.

smb.conf (winbind part)
winbind separator      = +
winbind cache time     = 10
winbind enable local accounts = no
winbind enum users     = yes
winbind enum groups    = yes
winbind use default domain = yes
winbind nested groups  = no
winbind trusted domains only = np
idmap gid              = 10000-20000
idmap uid              = 10000-20000
security               = DOMAIN
password server        = pdc bdc

Collen Blijenberg (Systeem/Netwerk Beheerder)

Montessori Lyceum 
Herman Jordan

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