[Samba] Problem running kde

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Mon Nov 15 14:22:27 GMT 2004

Well I told myself I wasn't coming back to this (off topic) 'why NFS is 
bad' discussion, but since I kindof started it...

My point was simply that you're doing a conversion back to the original 
format through a potential lossy intermediate.  Kind of like 
transferring a wav file by first compressing it into mp3 and then back 
out.  Not to slag samba, since it's about 20% of my admin day and I 
think it's wonderful, but it just seems ill suited for what you're 
doing.  And besides that you're bringing in the kernel modules for 
smb/cifs which actually has very little to do with the current samba tree.

Take a good search to the samba archive, there was a lengthy (on topic) 
discussion of getting kde to work over samba shares a while ago.  Can't 
remember if it was resolved in a positive manner, or if they reverted to 
nfs as well, but I'd start reading there.

>NFSv4 does have authentication but I haven't found a usable server and
>client for linux.
You should really argue with proper information, unless this is a 
fedora-ism in which case I'll eat crow.  From `man nfs`:
Three different versions of the NFS protocol are supported by the Linux 
NFS client: NFS version 2, NFS version 3, and NFS version 4.

 From the looks of things, you already have the support in your setup.  
While I haven't checked into it very much, this site seems to have a 
nice howto on getting it up and running:

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