[Samba] Re: Problem running kde

Michal Kurowski michal at genesilico.pl
Mon Nov 15 11:57:00 GMT 2004

Markus Meissner [mlist at meissner.it] wrote:
> I don't like nfs, too. Its permission-system is based on IPs. If you take
> your Laptop, disconnect the "trusted" client, connect the cable to you
> laptop with the "trusted" ip you have access to all files on the nfs-server
> the trusted client has had access to. Correct me if I am wrong. 

Well, it does not have to be IP-based. You can use DNS names or
netgroups as well. 

But you're rigth: NFS was designed for secure networks and trusted
LAN/VLAN is a basic assumption for a secure NFS deployment. 

My the same can be said about any file sharing system, IMHO.  


Michal Kurowski
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