[Samba] How to verify correct member server integration?

Marcus Blomenkamp Marcus.Blomenkamp at epost.de
Mon Nov 15 07:16:19 GMT 2004

Hi all,

i am wondering about my member servers being integrated and configured 
properly. Is there something like a step-by-step check list available? As i 
know that there are plenty of possible setups out there, i want to constrain 
this to file services with special emphasis on groupmapping and idmapping.

This aspect of samba configuration amounts to two main usecases only (please 
correct me if i'm wrong)
	a) member servers in one domain
	b) interdomain file services and trust

Something like: 
	'net rpc <someoption>' must return 'foo1'
	'net <someother>' must return 'foo2'

Thanks for your help, Marcus

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