[Samba] Re: Migrating to samba 3.07

Jim C. jcllings at javahop.com
Fri Nov 12 19:40:52 GMT 2004

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Melvin Wong wrote:
| Hi,
| I am currently migrating my current samba 2.x PDC without ldap backend
to a new machine
running samba 3.07 PDC with ldap backend. On the new machine, I have
managed to setup samba
3.07 PDC with ldap backend successfully under a new domain name. The
problem now is how do
I migrate all the users profiles, smbpasswd etc. and be transparent to
the users at the same
time to the new PDC. Is there any tools available? I have also forgot to
set the domain sid
to the old one, so it there anyway to change all the sid to the old sid?
My users have their
profiles set as local in their PC and when I changed the new PDC domain
name to the old
domain name, a new profile is created instead of recognizing their local
profile. Really
appreciate if someone can help me in this. Thanks!
| melvin

I believe "net setlocalsid [SID goes here]" is what you are looking for.
As for the profiles, I don't think any migration will be required.
Wasn't for mine.

Jim C
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