[Samba] SerNet Samba RPMs for SuSE and RedHat

rruegner robert at ruegner.org
Wed Nov 10 13:13:37 GMT 2004

Hello Guenther,
thx for making this more clear
Best Regards

Guenther Deschner schrieb:
> Hi Robert,
> On Wed, Nov 10, 2004 at 03:56:48AM +0100, rruegner wrote:
>>Hi Guenther,
>>as Suse released just their own packs can you describe
>>whats the difference between their packs and sernets?
> Sure:
> Initially, SerNet started to deliver samba3-rpms for the SuSE Linux
> Enterprise Server 8 at a time when SuSE was unable to do so. Quickly our
> customers demanded support-services for our packages, so that we now have
> long-term maintained and fully supported Samba3-RPMs for a variety of
> platforms.
> Basically the main difference (and this what we call SerNet-style) is that
> we ship binaries that are statically linked against the most recent and
> stable Heimdal Kerberos Library. 
> This gains us independence from vendor-supplied Kerberos-libraries and
> enables us to provide a working Active Directory-Integration. To give an
> example: we do not suffer from a nasty bug that is present in
> heimdal-0.6.1rc3 and that causes pretty much all samba binaries that deal
> with memory-credential-caches to segfault.
> Additionally we ship some heimdal-enhancements that ease integration (e.g.
> transparent fallback from udp to tcp when acquiring kerberos tickets if
> required by a Windows KDC without the need to flag each kdc with a
> tcp-transport in /etc/krb5.conf).
> Apart from that, both package-flavours are rather similiar (they are
> derived from the same source).
> Hopefully this explained a bit the effort of our own packaging.
> Guenther

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