[Samba] Improper link handling?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Wed Nov 10 01:42:37 GMT 2004

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Jim C. wrote:
| Samba supports links now, right?  I was recently experimenting with a
| setup for cross-platform access to a user's FireFox bookmarks.
| Unfortunately, FireFox overwrites the link to the bookmarks file on
| exit. How is this possible if Samba is interpreting the link correctly?
|  Shouldn't the file that the bookmarks link points to be overwritten
| instead?  Both the link and the file are on the same share and it is
| described as follows:

Samba has always supported symlinks.  The changes you are thinking
of had to do with the link semantics enforced by the Samba server
when communicating with a UNIX client using 'unix extensions'

firefox is probably doing a unlink and rename for the new
bookmarks file.  A level 10 debug log would verify this.

cheers, jerry
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