[Samba] smbclient too slow when copying from a NT Server

Inaki Sanchez isanchez at unav.es
Mon Nov 8 15:23:55 GMT 2004


I use smbclient to nightly back up files from a NT Server to a linux box, in a 100 Mbps FD environment, and I get an average speed of 3 Mbps. However, when the same copy is made between two NT Servers, I get a speed of 9 mbps, more than twice the above scenario. If I copy from linux to NT, I get the same speed of 9 Mpbs. And finally, copying from a W2k server to the linux box averages 8 mbps.

I've tried all kind of socket options on smbclient, without results. I would appreciate any hint to solve this issue, that greatly affect to my backups.

In summary:

[user at mozart]$ smbclient //nt-a/share -c "get test"     Avg. speed 3 mbytes/s
[user at mozart]$ smbclient //nt-a/share -c "put test"     Avg. speed 9 mbytes/s
C:\> copy //nt-a/share/test .                           Avg. speed 9 mbytes/s
[user at mozart]$ smbclient //w2k/share -c "get test"      Avg. speed 8 mbytes/s


Inaki Sanchez
Centro de Proceso de Datos
Universidad de Navarra

mailto:isanchez at unav.es

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