[Samba] installing printer in a logon script

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at interia.pl
Mon Nov 8 15:36:58 GMT 2004

Kristyan Osborne wrote:

>>>Just use Kixtart. The syntax is really easy and it just works.
>>>really easy.
>>Maybe it's easy, but it doesn't add any printer, so it's of no use:
>>C:\KiX> c:\kixprint.kix
>>and this is all it does.
>>how can you specify printer drivers to KiX? I didn't find it 
>>in manual - 
>>in fact - I found only these two above commands (addprinterconnection 
>>and setdefaultprinter) concernig printing (and one more to 
>>remove printer).
> Are you sure that the printer drivers are installed properly on the samba server. NT error code 1797 is something like printer driver not found or not installed properly.

No, drivers are not installed on Samba server.
In fact, I don't want to install them there at all.
Windows 2000 already has these drivers bundled with the system, so I'd 
rather use these than download these drivers from Samba server (doing so 
for a dial-up laptoper who has this "install printer" script over a slow 
dial-up connection would force him/her into downloading several 
megabytes of drivers that are already on the laptop, wouldn't it?).


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